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 Parshat Metzora

  By Chana Engel


Do you have those people that just drive you berserk?

If they organize something there’s no way it’ll work!

They’re irresponsible, nasty, tattle on their friends,

Just the sound of their voice makes your hair stand on end.

You examine them thoroughly and find that it’s true,

That this person is rotten, through and through.


Well this dear friend of ours, of which we now speak,

Comes up in the Parsha that we read this week!

When discussing tzara’at, a disease on the skin,

A spiritual affliction that struck those that did sin.

A white spot on one’s flesh, rendered him impure,

And he had to be ostracized until he was cured.


You’d think that a person who does nothing right,

Would be stricken so badly, his whole body turns white!

With a case so severe, purification would be long,

I thought so too, but then found I was wrong.

If one’s whole body’s afflicted, with white lesions throughout,

He is declared ‘pure’, without any doubt.


Because it’s just not possible, it cannot be,

To have someone so bad that there’s no good to see.

There’s positivity to find wherever you look,

A shred of goodness, even in a crook.

If you find someone so faulty, with bad so ingrained,

Then he’s probably fine – it’s your glasses that are stained.




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