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 Parshat Bamidbar

  By Chana Engel


If you ever watched a cartoon of a rich stingy man,

He seems to count his gold coins whenever he can.

He polishes and shines each one that is there,

Every coin is precious, it’s handled with care.


This week we read Numbers, and true to its name,

The bulk of this parsha is a counting game.

A census was taken of the entire nation,

But does an all-knowing G‑d really need our calculation?


Shouldn’t G‑d remember how many there were,

If they had a ‘head count’ a few months earlier?

Is He trying to improve our mathematical skills?

Or is there a deeper message He means to instill?


G‑d doesn’t need us to count, He wants us to,

Because His precious treasure is each and every Jew.

He points to each one as we’re accounted for,

And His love for His children is renewed ever more.


The wicked man, the thief, the lowly inmate,

They were also reckoned, alongside the great.

Moshe didn’t score ten counts, Korach wasn’t rejected,

Every individual Hashem equally selected.


Hashem doesn’t count us based on superficial achievement,

There’s an intrinsic value, in which every Jew is present.

If you zoom in on our core, you’ll find an essence that’s G‑dly,

The saint and the sinner are the same essentially.


A group of nine scholars can’t make a minyan,

They need a tenth man – even a simple one.

It’s not about status, how much affluence you’ve got,

You’re a Jew – you count! Like it or not.


You make a difference as small as you may be,

Hashem told us, ‘You matter,’ we clearly see.

So though you’re just one in the 600,000 we meet,

Without you the nation would not be complete.



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