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 Parshat Emor

  By Chana Engel


For 49 days, consecutively,

We're counting the Omer, religiously.

"Today's 21 days - 3 weeks precisely,"

Towards Matan Torah, approaching steadily.


"Are you still in?" You might hear people say,

Nowadays Sefirah is a game in a way.

Forget once and you're out - you can't count today,

Because you don't have the stepping stone from yesterday.


We don't count, if you noticed, the first day and the second,

'Day one, day two,' that's how it's reckoned.

It's not just a countdown towards the finish line,

Each day has its value - the value of time.


Time is ticking, each moment zaps past,

It's racing forward and racing fast.

Opportunities arise that may never return,

Grab what you can - there's a day to earn.


Sefirah is a journey, each day is a flight,

You can miss your connection - you don't count tonight.

But then your whole travel has major delays,

That's why we must count every single day.


When you're lying in bed, and you've turned out the light,

Just think, 'Today, what did I do right?

Did I harness opportunities or are they forever gone?

Can I tackle tomorrow? Am I ready to move on?'


"Count for yourselves," so is the command,

It's a gift from Hashem, the time we have at hand.

Each day is on loan, can we pay up the rent?

Perhaps that's why we call today the present.



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