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  By Chana Engel


There’s a bird who is trudging through the forest somewhere,

She’s mourning her fate, feeling utter despair.

She’s so low on the ground,

Prey easily found,

Her hardships are mounting and it just isn’t fair.


Her wings weigh down heavily on her scrawny being,

A load so great she feels herself crushing,

If she’d be rid of these wings,

She just may yet sing,

“G‑d,” She cries out, “Why give me such suffering?!?”


“Foolish bird,” comes the reply from on high,

“I gave you a treasure, yet you opted to cry,

Your wings are a load,

Keep you slow on the road,

But if you’d only flap them, you could soar through the sky!”


Shavuos is not the day we were tied down by rules,

But when Hashem entrusted us with His precious jewels,

The Torah’s a guide,

How to live our lives,

These ‘do’s’ and these ‘don’ts’ are our valuable tools.


When you’re swimming in laws it may feel like you’ll drown,

If you drag Torah along it can weigh you down.

But the key to success,

Is anybody’s guess,

To lift up the Torah, and wear it as your crown.


These laws don’t clamp down, they’re invigorating,

In essence, restrictions are liberating.

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