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 Parshat Nasso

  By Chana Engel


"Who finished the orange juice?"

They're bound to get a whip.

Not who opened it, who spilt a bit,

But who drank the last few sips.


The one who finishes gets the credit,

And he likewise gets the blame.

Because completion is a milestone,

That's not just, 'the old same.'


In the construction of a building,

There are steps along the way,

It starts with an idea,

Then the draft must be okay.


There's the builder, then the painter,

Someone to install the windows.

Then comes along the plumber,

To ensure the water flows.


But really it’s the one who knocks,

The last hammer in its place.

He's given the gold medal,

As the winner of this race.


G‑d's home is called the Mishkan,

And its construction's finally done.

Just this week it is erected,

Temple service - ready to run.


Since completion's such a milestone,

There's a huge celebration.

With festivities and rejoicing,

At the Mishkan's dedication.


And it wasn't those who built it,

That got to 'cut the ribbon.'

For the final erection,

Moshe was the chosen one.


Because he loved G‑d's home so greatly,

This is the reward he earns.

Yes, the last one gets the credit,

The Torah too confirms.


In all the stages of development,

It still doesn't have that seal,

Completing it transforms it,

Into being something real.


We all have great ideas,

But how many carry through?

We have to put things into practice,

For accomplishments to accrue.


Finishers are people,

Who've found the key to success.

They keep their eyes on the goal,

And they won't settle for less.


And where others have left off,

On projects they've begun,

Finishers pick up the pieces,

And actually get things done.


We've accumulated merits,

Over thousands of generations.

Now we just need that final push,

To bring the ultimate salvation.


We've almost reached the finish line,

Our job is practically done.

Grab every Mitzvah that comes your way,

- It could be the final one!



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