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 Parshat  Vayakhel~Pekudei

  By Chana Engel


We live in a place,

Where we’re running the race,

To catch up with, fit in with the crowd.

Being part of the throngs,

Gives us where to belong,

To be a part of something bigger, we’re proud.


We live in a place,

Where we need our own space,

To develop our identity, alone.

To be different, unique,

Stand out – speak!

Become someone with a name of your own.


Paradoxical notions,

Conflicting emotions,

To fit in, yet stand out as you.

Each one we chase,

Which should we embrace?

How do we harmonise the two?


We read in the Torah,

A double Parsha,

Vayakhel followed by Pekudei

Their names contradict,

With themes that conflict,

But they’re read simultaneously anyway.


‘Vayakhel’ means gathering,

The group we’re assembling,

With unity being our goal.

‘Pekudei’ – to count,

Each and every amount,

It’s the details that make up the whole.


And we blend them together,

So they complement each other,

The message of both Parshas combined.

Not a group that neglects,

But finds a way to reflect,

The uniqueness in each person we find.


We’re not sheep in a herd,

Nor mimicking birds,

The lab produces plenty of clones.

Yet diverse, spread apart,

Would leave a void in our heart,

Don’t want to be ‘each for his own’.


We should live in a place,

Where differences are embraced,

A community where you aren’t suppressed.

Use your unique role,

Towards the greater goal,

It’s a picture with details expressed.



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