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 Parshat  Terumah

  By Chana Engel


Any architect out there, a physics student should know,

In the design of a window, there's a structure to follow,

The angles and measurements, leave a wider inner rim,

So as to maximize the sunshine that's entering in.


But the Temple's construction had a strange innovation,

The measurements were inverted for the windows creation,

With the inner narrow, light flow was reduced,

And from seeming 'fault' the Mishkan's role is deduced.


Windows outwardly angled, don't draw sunlight in,

Their focus is outwards, spread the warmth from within,

The glow of the Menorah they amplified around,

Reverberating beyond, like an echoing sound.


In every relationship, you’re a giver or taker,

Fine tune your focus, zoom in on another.

Lend a hand - be a giver, take the time to share,

Do your friends a favour when you have a moment to spare.


Be a lamplighter, illuminate the night,

Take what you have within and use it to ignite.

Light up a smile, so it shines all around,

And when your kindness snowballs - it just may rebound!


"Don't think about what you need by your door,

Rather focus on what you're needed for."



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