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 Parshat  Yitro

  By Chana Engel


Legal documents lie on your desk in a stack,

Once you've signed 'I agree' there's no turning back, 

You pore over each line, making sure it's no steal, 

Won't sign 'til you’re sure that you've got the best deal. 

Now magnify this on a much larger scale, 

Where the terms and conditions aren't just for a sale, 

These are guidelines dictating each day of your life, 

For your entire nation - not just you and your wife. 

Such a life changing decision should be really thought out 

At least flick through it briefly, see what it's about. 

But when G‑d came and gave the Jews the Torah 

They replied right away, 'Na'aseh Ve'Nishma,' 

"First we'll do then we'll listen", that order precise: 

Follow G‑d's laws, without thinking twice. 

Irrational, rash, a real thoughtless call, 

Our Yiddishe ancestors didn't bargain at all?! 

Commit to the job without hearing the rules? 

Just blindly have faith - are they utter fools? 

It's blind faith that's true, but not where your sight dies, 

It's when you step back for a moment, and let G‑d be your eyes.

He's greater, He's wiser, knows better than me, 

And I want to live life how He says it should be. 

Far stronger than reason is our deep rooted faith, 

We'll follow the Torah in any case, 

Of course we should learn, understand what we can, 

But if it doesn't make sense - we still follow His plan. 

Listen to the voice speaking from within you 

Put aside calculations, take the plunge and just do! 

Surrender yourself to His will coz it's true, 

He's worked it all out and it's perfect for you.



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