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 Parshat  Shemot

  By Chana Engel


We hear the whip cracking,

Feel the beads of sweat form,

The stench of blood hits us,

Our emotions in storm.


Doom is impending,

Each day borne with dread,

Watch our brethren abused,

And nothing is said.


Our bodies are crushed,

Yet the blows keep on coming,

To our soul and our spirit,

The pains penetrating.


The empty desert echoes,

Our cry to go home.

And from the depths of Egypt

It reaches His throne.


Where is the Almighty?

Does he see our blood stains?

How can he ignore us?

Is he blind to our pains?


The question of why,

I will not try to answer,

I just want to remind you

Bend your knees before jumping higher.


We had to overcome

The lowest of the low,

If we want the highest of the high

To be a place we can go.


From the depths of our soul

Escapes a desperate cry,

That’s when G‑d sees we’re ready

And gives us wings to fly.


So when you hit rock bottom

There’s only one way out,

Put on your climbing shoes

And rejoice with a shout.



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