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 Parshat  Behaalotecha

  By Chana Engel  

Dedicated to my dear grandfather, Rabbi Eliyahu ben hoRav Shaul Engel alav Hashalom, whose Yahrtzeit is this Shabbos (16 Sivan) and who devoted his life to spreading Torah and Mitzvos wherever he could ~ a true ‘Lamplighter’.

“Excuse me are you Jewish?” I’m sure you’ve heard people say,

“Have you by any chance put on Tefillin today?”


Each Jewish soul is a candle to ignite,

A flickering Neshama can shine ever so bright.

We’ve got to take the torch into our hand,

And spread Judaism to everyone around.


Lighting the Menorah wasn’t just for Aharon,

Being a ‘lamplighter’ is expected of everyone.

And if you only know aleph, that’s good too,

Go teach it to someone who knows less than you!


There’s an interesting specification of how Aharon should ignite,

To make sure the candles, on their own, stay alight.

He can’t hold the match to the candle all day,

And for all of us ‘lamplighters’ it works the same way.


Don’t leave a person dependant on you,

Because when you’re not around, they won’t know what to do!

Educate them properly, so that they have the skill,

To spread the light as well – they can also instill!


Don’t just put tefillin on them; they deserve to be shown,

How to apply the straps on their own!

If they don’t yet know Hebrew – teach them to read,

A whole tree can sprout forth by planting this seed.


Give a man a fish, that’s one meal – fine,

But teach him how to fish – feed him for a lifetime.


We’ve got to turn others into luminaries as well,

With each candle we light, some darkness will dispel,

Don’t do it alone – turn on other lights too,

And together, we’ll have light flood the whole world through.



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