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 Parshat  Chukat

  By Chana Engel  

Imagine selflessly volunteering, for free,

Giving of your time, to serve the community.

Tirelessly investing your heart and your soul,

There’s just one reward you’re promised upon completing your goal.


Everything’s done perfectly, until one day,

You go about your assignment in a slightly wrong way,

And your boss storms in announcing that he’s, “Caught you out,

So forget about that prize we were talking about.”

There’s a part in our Parsha which I can’t understand,

Moshe had just one dream – enter the Holy Land.

For forty long years, he served G‑d faithfully,

Following His every word precisely.


And when it was almost the time to cross the border,

He hit the rock so it’ll bring forth water.

G‑d instructed him to speak, but is that such a mistake –

That his life’s dream he’s now forced to forsake!?


It was just a slight deviation from G‑d’s command,

He did speak to the rock, but it didn’t understand.

He was flustered and pressured by the people’s shouts,

So he struck the rock with his stick – and then water sprung out.


Is G‑d shopping for faults? Why be so strict?

Can’t Moshe’s boundless merits lighten his verdict?

But if Hashem came down hard, shattering Moshe’s dream,

Obviously his error was not as small as it seems.


Just imagine the glory it would’ve brought to G‑d’s name,

If an inanimate object, a stone with no brain,

Followed G‑d’s command, as he was told,

Then of course His Mitzvot, we would also uphold!

It would’ve inspired the people to such a degree,

That Moshiach would’ve come immediately!



But hitting is different, an expression of force,

Without letting free choice take its course.

The rock couldn’t choose G‑d, it was compelled,

And this powerful Kiddush Hashem was withheld.


So Moshe’s error was no small feat,

Our entire purpose it did defeat.

This tiny misdemeanour was actually a big deal,

With huge repercussions which we suffer from still!


There’s a reason we’re dwelling on Moshe’s mistake,

There’s a powerful lesson which we should take.

We don’t know the weight that each Mitzvah holds,

The smallest one, might be valued as gold.

So do every Mitzvah properly, to the last detail,

Because it might be the one to tip the scale!




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