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 Parshat  Va'etchanan


  By Chana Engel  

The Tehillim she clutches is soiled with tears,

Yet her murmuring never ceases.

She pleads with Hashem to heal her fragmented heart,

Put together each of life’s pieces.

She prays for her son to be strong once again,

To run and to jump free of pain.

But his body grows weaker, she feels him slipping away,

And wonders if her prayer’s been in vain.


A little girl stands in the playground alone,

Wishing that recess would end.

Though laughter surrounds her from kids all around,

There’s none she can call her friend.

She turns to the only One, who’ll lend her an ear,

Asking Hashem, “Please help me”.

But the loneliness prevails and she can’t understand,

‘Why doesn’t He answer my plea?’


Our leader stands pleading, beseeching Hashem,

“Let me into Your Holy Land!”

For this life-long dream, he prays time and again,

Yet entry still remains banned.

Moshe begged, he implored, yet to no avail,

Does Hashem have a heart of stone?

Did Moshe have the wrong number or was his call ignored?

Why didn’t his prayer hit home?


Sometimes, with a Tefillah, we turn to Hashem,

And our words fly beyond time and space,

They reach Heaven’s gates, they knock and they pound,

Yet the doors are slammed shut in their face.

We plead for help, but our request is denied,

Our pain and our troubles live on.

Why doesn’t He answer us in our hour of need?

Where has our merciful G‑d gone?


I want you to know that no call gets rejected,

G‑d’s listening ears are alert.

The doors never close, each Tefillah’s heard out,

But sometimes his answer is “No”.


Each time that we reach out to G‑d,

He cries, He feels our pain.

Sometimes He just solves it all,

And goodness starts to rain.

Yet there are other times, when G‑d sheds tears too,

But the troubles – they don’t flee.

Not because He can’t solve it for us,

He is, we just can’t see.


There’s a kindness in G‑d’s answer “No,”

He has a better plan, no doubt.

He could give you what you asked for,

But then you’d be missing out.

We can’t see the bigger picture,

G‑d’s plan, but He knows what’s best.

He’s giving us the better option,

That which should have been our request.


But Tefillah’s not just a shopping list,

A time to make our demands.

Hashem is our father, who loves us,

Not just a judge who commands.

And He wants to hear how we’re going,

What went right and wrong in our day.

Because he cares about you and he cares about me,

And what we have to say.


Praying’s not only about getting answers,

It’s about letting G‑d into your life.

Sometimes G‑d is knocking, and our door is locked,

We’re not letting Him deal with our strife.


No, Moshe didn’t gain entry, perhaps he knew he would not,

But he still wanted to connect.

It pained him so he shared it,

Yes – his Tefillah had an effect!

Tefillah’s our chance to reach a unity with G‑d,

Hand Him our hardships and say,

“Abba, this is too hard for me to handle,

You deal with it, in the best way.”

But remember, it’s not just a welfare center,

When you daven, plug in and connect.

Bond with your father, share the lot with Him,

Then Hashem, in kind, will reflect.



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