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 Parshat  Eikev


  By Chana Engel  

I’m in Shule on Rosh Hashana,

I hear the shofar blow,

I won’t drive on Shabbos,

It’s important - I know!


But checking all my lettuce?

I just don’t have the patience.

Kissing every Mezuzah,

I mean, who knows the difference?!


Some Mitzvot are serious,

Some lesser in size.

And with so many to keep,

You prioritize!


This Parsha’s called Eikev,

Which seemingly means,

Because if you keep my laws,

You'll get blessings and dreams.


But Eikev also means heel,

The laws you step on with your shoes.

It’s keeping these 'small' Mitzvot,

That protects us as Jews.


Those details we drop,

And carelessly trample.

In G‑d’s eyes, those Mitzvot,

Are most precious of all.


But why does G‑d treasure,

Something so unimportant?

Shouldn’t He focus,

On the big and significant?


Just think for a minute,

Who defines a big Mitzvah?

Who are we to decide,

What the serious ones are?


We have 613 commands,

And we have to keep the whole myriad.

Not based on our calculations,

But “cause G‑d said so”, Period.


And when we do a small Mitzvah,

Where we can’t see its value.

We’re telling G‑d,

'Hey, I’m doing this for you'.


So bend down, pick them up,

Don’t let Mitzvot fall.

Because we honestly can’t know,

Which are big and which are small.


It’s not that G‑d’s petty and cares about every little affair,

It’s that by doing the small things we show how much WE care!



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