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 Parshat  Re'eh

  By Chana Engel  

August 12th - just an ordinary Tuesday,

I sit down, exhausted, and reflect upon my day.


I was unfairly fired from my job today,

Whilst driving back home I lost my way.

Had no coins for the meter, had to borrow a few,

Such a terrible day, through and through.


August 12th - just an ordinary Tuesday,

But a different perspective on what happened today.


Finally I have the time to start a business of my own,

Had the chance to discover a new route to my home.

Someone lent me a quarter, now I made a new friend,

Such a great day, from beginning to end.


Same day, same person, yet so glaringly different,

There's both good and bad to take out, of the same event.


It was G‑d who gave this sound advice first,

“'I am placing before you a blessing and curse”.

Yes, whatever it is that life leads you to,

Can be a blessing and a curse - it’s up to you.


Everything you encounter can be bright or dark,

You can turn out the lights - or make it spark.

Do you want G‑d’s blessing or would you rather a curse,

Depends if you focus on the better or the worse.


There's a blessing and curse in every object we view,

It has a positive function and a negative one too.


Fire can consume, set a whole town alight,

It can also warm up, a cold winter’s night.

There's hurtful words and gossip that our mouths could say,

Or it could speak words of Torah, learn and pray.


The choice is yours, at the crossroads you stand,

Do you want to have blessing – it’s all in your hands!



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