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 Simchat Torah

  By Chana Engel  

The judge bangs his gavel and silence pervades,

With your secrets exposed there's no room for charades,

And though I sit in the courtroom, I don’t hear what is said,

Because my head’s spinning frantically and my heart’s full of dread.


For months we’ve been fighting this legal war,

It introduced us to a stress we’d never known before,

Running frantically, proving, appealing the sentence,

Because we all feel the weight of what hangs in the balance.


And then in an instant the grey cloud is lifted,

The verdict is read - and we've been acquitted,

My heart feels lighter, I straighten my stance,

Joy surges through my veins as I break into a dance.


I needed to celebrate, to prove I was sane,

That the endless fighting was not in vain,

Because the court case is just a tool - not the core,

It anticipates the victory that’s waiting in store.


Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, each year as a rule,

We pray and we cry, spend the whole day in Shule.

But the next day our Kippa’s neatly folded away,

Because we pleaded our case, now there's no need to stay.


But who shows up to court and leaves half way through?

What about the victory that’s waiting for you?

You beseeched G‑d, tried to defend,

Don’t rob yourself of the joy that comes at the end!


But wait - how do you know if you’ve won the case?

Maybe you’re condemned to the guilty place?

Well Simchat Torah doesn’t just celebrate a good destiny,

It has the power to change fate, retrospectively.


High Holidays - that’s the Please - begging for a good year,

Simchat Torah is the Thank you - yes it’s already here.

When we’re so sure G‑d answered us, with a faith that runs deep,

Hashem has no choice and goodness He heaps.


Some people follow order, first victory, then celebrate,

There are others who don’t have the patience to wait.

Whether guilty or innocent, as ridiculous as it sounds,

They'll rejoice either way, because joy breaks all bounds.


Don’t wait for the outcome, it’s for you to create!

Your singing and dancing is more powerful than fate!

So inject your seriousness with a radiant smile,

Come to Shule on Simchat Torah - it’s worth your while!



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