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 Parshat  Lech-Lecha

 By Chana Engel  

I stood there in the post office, a cardboard box in hand,

I taped it up tightly, marking fragile all around.‌

And as I fingered it with care, making sure the box was tied, ‌

I imagined for a moment that I was wrapped inside.‌

"I don’t talk in public”, "I can’t help getting angry”,

We all have things that limit us, what we can and cannot be.‌

"I can't concentrate so long”, "I'll simply never win”,‌

That’s you crawling in that cardboard box and shutting yourself in.‌

But Hashem wants us to climb beyond, that’s why He told Avram,

Lech lecha,- go from yourself, your journey’s just begun.‌

Don't let your personal limitations tie you down to where you are,

Take the liberty to step beyond, then you'll move very far.‌

But who says that I can climb out - maybe that's the way I am?

It's my genetic makeup - hey don't mess with G‑d’s plan!‌

I was raised a certain way, that's the path I was shown,

How can I be expected to change all I've ever known?‌

So G‑d tells us "Leave your country”; forget society’s expectations,

"Your birthplace”; your nature, your genetic limitations.‌

Don't blame things on your upbringing - "Leave your father’s home”,‌

Move beyond your history - become someone of your own.‌

Definitions tie us down, locked in comfort zone,

We only broaden our horizons when we step out of what's known.‌

I don't have to change a thing, I can remain as before,

But why settle for second best when I can be so much more?‌

But don't shed your identity - that's what we aim to find,

Lech lecha - go to yourself, but a you that's not confined.‌

You have to leave the you you've always known, in your quest to find the me,

Because sometimes who we always were restricts who we can be.‌

Lech lecha - go from yourself! Risk trying something new,

Lech lecha - go to yourself! Find the hidden parts of you.‌

Lech lecha- go for yourself, the gain is yours alone,‌

Embark on this self-searching journey to find what's really home.



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