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 Parshat  Toldot ~

  Kinus haShluchim

 By Chana Engel  

This weekend the 'Kinus HaShluchim' (see below for full description) takes place in Brooklyn New York. This poem is dedicated to the Shluchim and their families 

There are those who invest one hundred dollars,

Earn two hundred in the transaction,

So they pat themselves proudly on the back, 

And prepare for a well-earned vacation.


Then there are others who invest a hundred,

And with their two hundred in hand,

They invest again, doubling their profits,

And their balance soon expands.


While one remembers his empty pockets,

And is glad they now have weight,

The other sees how full they can become,

He looks beyond the bait.


Yitzchak blesses his son Yaakov,

“V’yiten – and G‑d will give you”,

 Success and plenty, “from the dew of the sky,

And the fat of the earth”, too.


While Yitzchak’s Bracha is truly beautiful,

His grammar lacks that eloquence.

Because and is a conjunction,

Which cannot begin a sentence.


But Yitzchak didn’t err at all,

When he says and G‑d will give you,

He means that G‑d will give, and give – again!

Eternally continue.


To ‘give’ implies a one-time gift,

With a stop at the end.

And give’ is unlimited.

A philanthropist to commend.


A true Giver doesn’t have a stop sign,

Just an ‘and’ that rolls ahead.

Yes, even when his bank is empty,

He finds some kindness to spread.


Don’t be content with the shining world,

If it can be set ablaze.

A Shliach gives, he illuminates,

Imitating Hashem’s ways.


And the greatest of all Shluchim,

Don’t realize they’re so far,

Because they’re always looking forward,

Without stalling where they are.


So press your foot down on the gas,

Watch your kind deeds multiply,

Your greed for goodness will propel you on,

If you let that and be wings to fly.


And Hashem promises every giver,

- Those that mirror Him on high,

That He’ll give us blessings - and give us more,

Endlessly ad bli dai!



“Kinus HaShluchim”, what is it?


 gath·er·ing  noun

  • an assembly or meeting.
  • an assemblage of people; group or crowd.

con·fer·ence  noun

  • a meeting for consultation or discussion.




  • representatives sent on a mission or errand: emissaries to negotiate a peace. 

The Kinus Hashluchim (International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries) is a yearly event, in which thousands of shluchim gather to share inspiration, ideas and goals, leaving rejuvenated and ready to carry on their work with renewed vigor and enthusiasm (click here to read the 'history of the Kinus').

The shluchim are men and women dispatched by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, to communities all over the globe to dedicate their lives to serve the Jewish people. You can find them in far-flung places such as India, Nepal or Siberia, and you can usually also find them closer to home, too, in your own community.

They labor to connect Jews to their heritage, raise Jewish awareness andmitzvah observance, and teach Torah. Yet their mission isn’t only a spiritual one; the Rebbe charged them to discover what the unique needs of their respective communities are and to selflessly provide those, opening their hearts and homes and helping every Jew in any way they can. 

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