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 Parshat  Vayishlach


  By Chana Engel  

A university professor, has his nose in the air,

He’s studied, accomplished, succeeded - fair and square.

Every new credential, results to show,

Pumps a little more air in that bubble called ego.


Arrogant? For sure! Haughty? Of course!

Because he’s taking credit for achievements while ignoring their source.


Shmerel the Shamash, is the other extreme,

He works swiftly and silently, hoping not to be seen.

He has nothing to boast, of no achievements to speak,

So he slips into the shadows, and by default he’s meek.


Modest? Not quite… wouldn’t call that humility,

He’s not making himself smaller than he is in actuality.


Is modesty something that’s beyond our sight?

Is there anyone out there who got it right?

Yes, Yaakov Avinu, when he did call,

“From all of your kindnesses I have become small.”


Success is just a synonym for G‑d’s blessing,

So Yaakov saw his bank of merits, slowly decreasing.

He was wealthy, prosperous, owned asset after asset,

Yet the more G‑d gave him, the more he felt in debt.


With each blessing, Yaakov, grew close to Hashem,

Saw more of G‑d’s greatness – how he’s nothing in comparison.

When you recognize that Hashem is the only thing that’s real,

Then the closer you get, the tinier you feel.


Success shouldn’t breed arrogance, rather humility,

I’m humbled by all the goodness that’s been done to me.


But don't slump your shoulders and try to hide,

Great people, like Yaakov, have reason for pride.

Being humble, small, doesn't mean that you're far,

It's a measure of how close to G‑d, you really are.


So don’t be afraid of declaring, ‘I’m small,’

Because the greatest of men are the humblest of them all.



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