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Chanukah.  Lights.  A flickering menorah.

Flames dancing through the night.

It’s cold.   Dark.  Yet the candles are burning,

And the blackness is turning bright.


Light.  Goodness.  Kindness.   Joy.

The smiles that pound in our hearts.

Dark.  Suffering.  Sorrow.  Pain.

Where finding the good is an art.


Dear father in heaven, why must night follow day?

Can’t sunshine always reign?

Why is the rainbow that paints our lives,

Soiled with such a dark stain?


Why is there death, disability, divorce,

When you can bring true relief?

Why is there a notion of tears at all,

Can't you exterminate grief?


Dear child, please realise, I do only good, 

Trouble and hardship - it's lies.       

And the grey heavy cloud, the struggles and pain, 

Is really good in disguise. 


See, the happiness you feel, is a limited one, 

It's small enough for you to sense. 

But pain is sourced higher, it's closer to me,

And you can feel its joy, hence.


But tatty, what’s the point of a goodness so lofty,

That it can't bring someone to dance?

Why do we need simcha if it's locked behind bars,

Of feeling it, we have no chance.


Can't you see my child, that the laugh of the sick, 

Runs deeper than those that are well.        

Because they search for the good in the black of the night, 

They've peeled light out of its shell.


But still how can black be brighter than light,

If we can't see in the dark?

How can bad be better than good itself?

A contradiction glaringly stark.


The poor are still hungry, and loneliness still hurts,

Not everyone grows from the test.

Light is good, dark is better,

But tatty, can't you give us the best?


And that's what we ask with the Chanukah flames,

Specifically lit after nightfall.

Father, fuse the two, so that night learns to shine,

Bring Moshiach - and answer our call!


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Wishing you a very Happy Chanukah!

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