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If you dig a pit,

And ones ox falls in it,

You must pay a compensation fee.

In the seventh year,

You must pierce his ear,

If a slave doesn’t want to go free.

How to cut your nails,

And conduct your sales,

There's guidelines for every affair.

Laws, laws,

Rules and more laws,

Seriously, does G‑d really care??

It seems so small minded,

That He could be bothered,

With all of my life's ins and outs.

Is this the infinite,

G‑d whose 'above' it,

Honestly, I have my doubts.

He doesn’t need our favours,

These 613 labours,

So why are we saddled with commands?

The synagogue is G‑ds place,

Can't we have our own space?

But everywhere we turn, rules stand.

But change your glasses and see,

That the favour's for me,

613 ways to connect above.

Its not rules and restrictions,

But plugs and connections,

613 expressions of G‑ds love.

He took a life that’s mundane,

Meaning ingrained,

No corner ignored or left vacant.

By fulfilling His will,

Purpose we instil,

And the everyday becomes significant.

Because He’s not just on high,

He’s with you and I,

A fact that He always reaffirms.

He steps down from above,

Out of His great love,

And connects to His kids on their terms.

So when you start your day,

Do it G‑d’s way,

Wash the hands in the order He told.

Carry Him through,

All that you do,

Let the ordinary in life shine as gold.

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