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There are many houses out there -
some smaller, others large,
There are many houses out there with a kitchen, lounge, garage.
Some are modern, some are ancient, could be wooden, maybe stone,
Though there’s many houses out there, only one can be called home.

It’s where we turn the music blasting and sing along - well, shout,
Where we drink straight from the soup bowl, wear our sweaters inside out.
Where we put our feet up on the couch, 'coz where else should they be?
Yes home is where we strip that facade and simply just be me.

Well if a home is so unique then Hashem wants one too!
So He set us all to work, ‘til the construction’s through.
There's walls to build and gold to melt, curtains to weave and sew,
That’s how we built the Mishkan - a home for G‑d below.

Seems like a lousy location in the slums that we call Earth,
Why not settle in a higher realm, with property of greater worth?
Where angels sing His praises, a lofty, spiritual sphere,
Why did G‑d abandon all that glory and choose to dwell down here?

Because cheering fans are for the stadium, applauding has its zone,
Higher planes are a great showground but they can’t pass as a home.
G‑d wants a place beyond His glory, with titles peeled away,
Where His essence can be expressed - that’s where He wants to stay.

Ask yourself – “Is this world a place, where G‑d wants to move in?”
Is it full of joy and kindness, is it shining from within?
Does our world make G‑d feel comfortable, where holiness one can sense,
Can we proudly nail up a sign that reads, 'G‑d’s residence'?

There's a lot of cleaning to be done, but once we've used that broom
Then we're way above the angels coz we’re right here in G‑d’s room!

So let’s turn this world into a place that’s fitting for His throne,
Where G‑d can look around and say,
'There's No Place Like Home!' 

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