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Parshat Mas'ei

  By Chana Engel  

Vienna. Moscow. Bangkok. Australia.

So many legs to connect.


All that landing, disembarking, boarding again,

Can't I just fly direct?

The point of travelling is to reach your destination,

Arrive, unpack, settle down.

The point of a stopover is to get back on that plane,

Let's get out of this town.

Well, itineraries and travel is really age old,

That's what parshat masei's about.

The Jews trek through the desert, forty years on the go,

With forty two journeys throughout.

Yet this parsha which enumerates each of our stops,

Has 'Masei - journeys' as its name.

'Cuz the only point of stopping off,

Is to continue flying that plane.

As Jews we travel, we march ahead,

Without a backward glance.

Don't get comfortable, it's just a layover,

We're moving forward - advance!

Our lives are one long itinerary,

Don't sit in the airport and unload!

There's always somewhere better ahead,

Get yourself back on the road!

So if you're sitting back, reading this poem,

With a cup of coffee in hand,

Jump up! Start doing! There's places to go,

A Jew needs to run, not stand!


The only reason we land, 

is as preparation for when -

We can buckle up tight, 

and take off once again!



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