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Parshat Bereishit

By Chana Engel

Hey G‑d, I think I’ve finally caught onto your technique,

You have great technology, but now I also know that trick.

Look, by fusing these cells, an embryo is produced,

We use genetic programming, have pregnancy induced.

Then we stimulate mitosis and cell differentiation,

And voila, man is my very own creation!

Dear scientist, good job, you’ve certainly done well,

Just one thing – could you please give me back my cell?

We can work things back to the very start,

But the beginning point – we get stuck on that part.

Fruit come from trees, which come from the earth,

But what stimulated the world’s initial birth?

How can there be an effect without any cause?

It completely defies all rational laws.

So we try to explain it with all types of theory,

Because we can’t comprehend how this world came to be.

See, man has no notion of true creation,

We just mix things and melt them – change their formation.

But the world wasn’t designed from a recipe,

G‑d just said what He wanted and it came to be.

He had no ingredients to blend, no elements to react,

It’s something from nothing – an unfathomable fact.

Don’t get it? No stress, neither do I.

It’s a notion that logic completely walked by.

Now an unnatural status, an unnatural stance,

Must be constantly activated – doesn’t happen by chance.

For a ball to remain suspended in the air,

Your hand must constantly hit it up there.

So creation wasn’t just a one-time event,

It’s being created at every moment!

The blueprint, the drafting, the careful design,

Each day is infused by a plan that's divine.

Each person you meet, each sight that you glance,

Has an intrinsic purpose - doesn't happen by chance,

Wherever you are has a lesson to share,

Because the mastermind chose to place you right there!


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