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Parshat Noach

By Chana Engel

When the tides are high and the waves are crashing,

There are two ways you can go.

Either battle the force that’s drowning you,

Or ride along with the flow.

Life can be a whirlpool that sucks you under,

For each breath you have to fight.

Raging waves hurl you to all sides,

The Shore’s way out of sight.

The flood of Noach is alive today,

And we’ve all been through that storm.

Spinning in life’s tumble-dryer,

Can leave you feeling worn.

Whether creditors are threatening to take your home,

Or you struggle to make friends.

Life’s path is never straight and paved,

We all encounter bends.

True, the flood was all a cleansing process,

Like the laundry removes stains.

It purifies the earth for a fresh new start,

Yet the trauma still remains.

That’s why G‑d told Noach, “Come into the ark”,

There’s a haven for you to escape.

You can see the waters, be in the storm,

Yet emerge without a scrape.

Teiva – ark, can also mean word,

Torah and prayer are implied.

Enter into G‑d’s Torah, connect via prayer,

And through life’s waves you’ll ride.

We don’t have to toss and turn at sea,

One could always opt to cruise,

Whether we’ll drown or grab that lifeline,

Is our liberty to choose.

There’s a map laid out, a yellow brick road,

Yes, Torah guides us throughout.

It’s the raft that tells us “Hang on tight –

‘coz I’ve got it all worked out!”

Life’s answer code lies open, disclosed,

You just have to peek inside.

Let the wings of Torah lift you up,

And take you for a ride.

When the tides are high and the waves are crashing,

There are two ways you could go.

You might battle the force that’s drowning you,

While I grab my oars and row.


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